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10 Best Paid Jobs in the Financial Sector

The financial sector is one sector that is never going out of style. So it offers a high incentive for graduates as it often means job stability. There are several positions within this sector, but we have compiled the top 10 paying jobs within the financial sector.

Chief Risk Officer

This has become a job that is in high demand, and these positions are in high demand throughout the world. There are individuals that can earn as much as $3 million USD per year. However, most people earn around seven digits per year.

Hedge Fund Research Head

Those who are in this position are going to be in charge of finding those financial situations in which a firm should invest in. Those who work in this field, depending on how big the firm is that they work with, can make up to $2 or $3 million USD per year.

Hedge Fund Chief Trader

The hedge fund chief trader has a huge responsibility to trade this money wisely in order to make clients more money. Due to the responsibility, these individuals can earn $1 to $20 million USD per year.

Financial Managers

These managers are overseeing the financial operations of companies and organisations. Though they have some responsibility, it is not as high as the three previous financial positions. These people often make around $107,000 USD per year.

Tax Director

These individuals are engrossed with tax preparations and ensuring that companies are abiding by all the tax regulations. They often make around $170,000 USD per year.

Personal Financial Advisors

These individuals work with regular people who want to ensure that they are investing wisely, have a budget that they can stick to and the like. On average, these professionals are making around $64,000 per year.


These people are very similar to a personal financial advisor in that they offer advice, however, they take this a step further and help with setting up investments, insurance and even wills for a person. On average, they earn around $80,000 USD per year.

Insurance Underwriters

While most people think that this position is more or less an insurance job, it is often considered to be a financial position. These underwriters work for large companies. On average they earn as little as $50,000 USD. However, in most cases they are earning $200,000 USD per year.

Loan Officers

These individuals are those who are responsible for deciding whether a person is eligible for credit and then writing up the loan agreements. They may meet with applicants and have more customer interaction than other financial jobs. On average they earn $50,000 USD per year.


This is a highly popular job in the financial sector. While they deal with taxes and other issues, they are also available for those business who want to ensure that they are doing everything possible to stay afloat in the economy. These people can earn $53,000 USD and up per year.

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