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What Is A Reasonable Adjustment For Disabled Employees?

Most employers know that they have a duty of care to ensure reasonable adjustments are made to accommodate the needs of any disabled worker who is at a disadvantage in their workplace. However, many employers are unaware of what a reasonable adjustment entails, and questions arising over what can be ...

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What are the legal restrictions on personal injury cases in Texas?

If you have been injured through the action or negligence of a third party then you may have a case for damages for personal injury. The rules vary from state to state and are often very complex. Houston personal injury lawyers can help you navigate the maze of your specific ...

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Business Owners: How to Ensure That Pedestrian Walkways Are Compliant With ADA Guidelines

In 1998, the Senate introduced the Americans with Disabilities Act, also known as ADA.  It was finally signed into law in 1990. Since its implementation in 1990, the law has went through quite a few changes. In spite of the changes, the goal of the act remains the same:  to ...

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How to Become a Successful College Student Entrepreneur

Seventeen percent of college students plan to start a business before graduation, 10 percent have already started one, and 27 percent say they will continue working on their business after graduation as a career, according to Entrepreneur.com. To start your own business in college, you’ll need to do more than ...

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Tips to choose a company to print your official letterheads, name cards & invoice books

Know what to look for in a printing firm if you are looking for the companies offering quality printing of letterheads, name cards, and invoice books. Here, we have a few effective tips to share with you. You will be surprised to know that these days some of the top ...

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Keynote Speaker Josh Linkner Combines Wisdom With Musicality

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “motivational speaker”? Maybe you envision some drab, pasty-looking guy robotically uttering feel-good platitudes while your employees nod off. That’s a perfectly natural response since the idea of bringing a keynote speaker in to jump-start a workplace has been dismissed and ...

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