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A Few Important Things to Consider While Going For Roof Repair

It is important to go for roof repair, when you notice any leakage. Now, you have to decide whether you should replace the roof, which is also known as tear off or prefer to go for overlay, which is just putting a cover on the existing roofing.

In this article, we shall discuss about the pros and cons of both the methods. If you are planning to repair your roof then reading this small article will be useful and also you may visit the website http://hewattroofing.com/ to look for different materials available for roof repair.

Let us understand about Tear off

Many people often prefer to go for tear off method. In this method, your repair contractor will come with his work force and completely tear off your existing roof. All the old shingles of the roof will be taken out. However, the wooden base over the rafter is not broken. They will inspect it and as per the condition they may replace the seal. After that they will use new shingles and cover your roof completely.

Roof Repair

Roof Overlay

If you have budget constraint then you can go for this method of repair. You can also save your time and cost of disposal of waste material as in case of tear off method. However, you can go for this method only if existing roof condition is not too bad and has only single layer, which is flat and there is not too much leakage problem. Otherwise, it is more preferable to go for tear off method as explained above.

If your roof has any of the following conditions then it is better to go for tear off method as your roof overlay may not solve your problem in longer run.

  • If your roof has more than one layer then you should go for tear off method. In case of any doubt you can consult a roofing expert.

Roof Repair

  • In case, the condition of the decking of the roof is not too good and needs too much repair then you should prefer tear off method. Your roofing contractor will inspect the condition before taking up the repair work and looking at the condition he will suggest you accordingly. Your deck condition may get damaged due to various weather conditions, which may be beyond repair sometime.
  • In some parts of the USA there are problems in the roof due to ice dams. During winter season your roof may develop certain unexpected problem due to this reason.
  • If the roof is in very poor shape then it is better to go for tear off method. Your roof contractor can explain you better.

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