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Advantages of Porous Pavers for Commercial Paving Needs!

Porous pavers, otherwise also known as permeable pavers, are one of the best solutions for commercial paving requirements and projects. Before we talk about permeable paving systems, it is important to understand the two categories in this segment. The first kind is concrete pavers that were earlier used (still used in some areas) but is not considered to be a great choice owing to the maintenance costs. In this post, we will talk about plastic porous pavers and the incredible advantages associated with the choice.

  • It’s a great choice for the environment. Yes, you heard that right. A number of known brands make porous pavers from recycled plastics, so in a way, you are making an eco-friendly choice. Also, permeable pavers can last for years. In fact, manufacturers often assure a lifespan between 25 and 60 years, which is great compared to the lifespan of asphalt that’s around 20 years.
  • These pavers are easy to install. Permeable pavers come in form of plastic grids, which can be interlocked together on the top of the surface to create a strong base. The installation process is fairly easy and doesn’t involve a lot of installation costs. There’s no denying that the upfront costs of with asphalt is lower, but if you consider other aspects, you will save a considerable amount of money.+

  • Plastic permeable pavers keep the surface cool, unlike concrete, which tends to heat up. With compressive strength, these pavers are perfect for most kind of environments and won’t become malleable like asphalt. You can significantly reduce your concerns related to the heat island effect.
  • With conventional asphalt and concrete paving, there’s always a concern related to water pollution, because the storm water tends to run off. However, with bioremediation offered by porous pavers, you don’t have to bother about pollutants anymore. The regular debris and pollutants will be removed naturally in the process. Storm water management doesn’t get better than this.

  • Finally, plastic pavers don’t need any maintenance and add adequate aesthetic value to the area. If you have the budget, you can go for grass pavers or even for natural grass. The grass seeds can be placed on the grids, and there are many other advanced choices, as well, for creating a unique commercial parking space, driveway and much more.

Check online for the options now and do talk to the manufacturer about the installation process, before getting a quote.

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