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api 5l x52 pipe supplier in singapore buying tubular pipe from Indian Manufacturers

Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd. has become 8th largest producer of API 5L GRADE B PIPE in India, they are the leading api 5l x52 pipe manufacturers among the all. Due to their high grade quality products, excellent service and affordable price as well reliable products they have become the primal choice of the clients and have reached in every corner of the world especially exporting at a large scale in Singapore to meet their demand for steel pipeline. API 5L steel pipes are basically meant for oil and gas transportation so these are very much in demand across the world.

API 5L x52 pipe is the American Petroleum Institute specification addresses seamless and welded steel line pipe for pipeline transportation systems in the petroleum and natural gas industries which is suitable for conveying gas, water, and oil. API 5L x52 pipe, in which Grade X52 indicates 52000 PSI minimum yield strength and 66000 PSI minimum ultimate tensile strength. API 5L is a specification of API which defines the standard for the dimension, physical, mechanical and chemical properties of the steel. In India several pipe mills manufacture the API 5L pipes for Oil and Gas industry.

Singapore is Asia’s leading oil trading hub and one of the world’s top three export refining centres. The oil industry has been an integral part of Singapore’s economy. More than 90% of Singapore’s electricity is generated using imported natural gas via pipelines from Malaysia and Indonesia. Singapore has two separate gas pipeline networks like Town Gas Network, Natural Gas Network. Power Gas operates a network of more than 3,400 km pipelines which facilitate the transmission and distribution of piped gas. There are several oil and gas projects are in process and they have many transmission pipelines as well more pipelines would be built in coming years as part of the Indonesian Integrated Gas Transmission Pipeline (PTGI) system, which would include a 584 km Grissik-to-West Java. All these shows the increased demand for carbon steel pipe lines so, api 5l x52 pipe supplier in Singapore buying tubular pipe from Indian Manufacturers.

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