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Keynote Speaker Josh Linkner Combines Wisdom With Musicality

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “motivational speaker”? Maybe you envision some drab, pasty-looking guy robotically uttering feel-good platitudes while your employees nod off. That’s a perfectly natural response since the idea of bringing a keynote speaker in to jump-start a workplace has been dismissed and ...

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4 Surprising Jobs That Count As Maritime Occupations

When you picture a career in the maritime industry, what kind of job pops into your head? A large container ship? Perhaps a fishing vessel? While these roles do have their own risk for injuries, there is a wide range of offshore occupations also prone to hazards. Just like on ...

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Why RL360° Quantum is proving popular among expats

RL360° Quantum is a popular investment product among those who are keen to build up their savings on a regular, flexible basis. It can help people to accrue wealth to cover significant future expenses, like paying for the university fees of family members or supplementing retirement incomes. As well as ...

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Searching for Film Finance? Your Ace In The Hole May Be The Canadian Film Tax Credit!

We are will make a fast assumption here, and that is that you’re not a film tycoon within an worldwide film studio! But we all do think we all know what you are – a producer or project owner searching to accomplish your film finance plan. We’ll also make another ...

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Why Your Staff Will Work Harder If You Redesign Your Office

Making sure your company continues to experience growth and achieve new heights isn’t easy, but you definitely won’t be able to do it if your employees aren’t motivated to work. Your employees are integral to the success of your business, but all too often, employees feel as if their employers ...

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