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Best friv Mario games

We all played Super Mario Brothers variation at least once. It is always a fun activity that challenges even the most experienced players. The time where we had to hook up a console to an analog TV is a part of history. We have computers now and with their help we can mange our daily stuff, do the work, order pizza and of course play some games. Not so long ago you had to install an NES emulator and search for ROM files (which is an illegal activity by the way), then set it all up just to play your favorite retro game. Well that is no longer the case. You can start your computer, open up a browser window, head over to www.friv2online.com , choose the Mario game and simply have fun.

Release your inner child

It sure brings back a lot of memories to play a game like this. The reason for such a nostalgia is that the frivonline Mario version is made to highlight everything that we love about this platforming game including:

– jumping mechanics

– hidden power-ups

– catchy soundtrack

– important mission

– our favorite plumber

Unlike many other casual games frivonline Mario game demonstrates clever level design and a moderate complexity level that would appeal to experienced players and newbies alike. You can play using your computer, tablet or phone without installing any software. You can map the controls to your heart’s content and achieve better results. Play as much as you want for free and share your results with friends, overcome the hurdles and save the princess. The game takes the retro look and feel and gives it a modern cover that will fascinate casual gamers.

Enjoy your favorite twists and turns

The original Super Mario Brothers game was quite a challenge. It took some effort to beat it, especially considering the fact that the game-play time was limited (parents would ask to get their TV back and the console could overheat if used for too long). Friv online Mario does not have any limitations. You can play it on your laptop for hours and can even stay up all night trying to beat it if you wish to do so. The game features all-time-favorite elements, such as hostile mushrooms and turtles, brick blocks, pipes and hard-to-stop hedgehogs. Fight all these classic enemies as you make your way through the level in order to rescue the princess.

Stay Classy

Super Mario Brothers is a timeless classic. There are numbers of clones trying to make their game look similar to the original. It is possible to play the original game too using an NES emulator software but that is not 100% legal. Friv2online Mario games is your perfect solution as there are no copyright issues involved.  You get to play as your favorite character straight from your laptop. The game is clearly worth your while as it delivers memorable gaming experience at reasonable difficulty level. Map the keyboard keys as you see fit and embark on a platforming journey like you’re 8 years old again.

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