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4 Important Questions You Should Ask a Lawyer before Hiring Him

Before you finalize a lawyer, a meeting takes place in which he/she would provide you a free or a low cost consultation where you can discuss the reason you want to hire him/her. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the attorney as well. This way, you can ...

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Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring an Attorney

You were pulled over for a DUI charge. The arresting officer questioned you, and found you to be above the legal limit to drive. But, there were inconsistencies with their statements, or errors made in filing the paperwork. One such question you are probably asking yourself is whether or not ...

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Three Reasons Which You Might Need a Divorce Attorney

In theory, it’s easy to make divorce decisions by yourselves. You just point out thorny issues like child custody, how your children will be raised, how your property will be divided, what will happen to the family home and so on. However, if it were that easy to solve thorny ...

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Protecting Yourself After Getting a Restraining Order

A restraining order is a court order that directs a person not to harass or threaten another person. There are few things more serious in the law than restraining orders. A restraining order can come from a civil court proceeding or from a criminal court proceeding. Also, called protective orders, ...

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