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Clearing the CPA Exam for Acquiring CPA License

Having a CPA license would involve a handful of tasks. You would be required to complete these tasks in order to become a licensed practicing professional. Some people believe that clearing the CPA exam could get them the CPA license. It should not be deemed correct. In order to qualify, prepare for and then clear the CPA exam, which has been deemed the most challenging part of the procedure, you have to work hard. Clearing the CPA exam has been the primary step for acquiring the actual CPA license.

Clearing the CPA Exam

What are the requirements for acquiring CPA license?

There have been three CPA license requirements namely, the exam, professional work requirements and the ethics exam. Let us discuss passing the exam for now.

Clearing the CPA Exam3

Passing the CPA Exam

You would be required to clear the CPA exam in order to become a certified Texas CPA. However, becoming eligible for taking the Texas CPA exam, preparing for it, taking the exam and then clearing it would be certainly the most difficult, yet pleasing part of the process for becoming a CPA. It has been pleasing, as after you have cleared the exam, everything else would be relatively easy for you.

Clearing the CPA Exam2

In order to keep up with the modern times, the Prometric CPA exam has been offered presently, which is up to six days every week on the months of January, February, April, May, July, August, October and November. The two-month period has been referred to as a ‘window.’ You would be required to schedule the testing appointments during this aforementioned window period for taking a specific part of the CPA in Houston exam. After the State Board of Accountancy determines of you becoming eligible for the exam, they would be issuing the NTS (Notice to Schedule) to you. After receiving the NTS, you could begin scheduling the tests.

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