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Common Heating and Air Conditioning Problems

Heating and air conditioning problems are quite common amongst homeowners. Almost every house nowadays has a built-in heating or ventilation unit. Some houses have separate units for heating and for air conditioning, whereas others have HVAC units installed. During the summers, most people keep their air conditioners turned on around the clock. The air conditioner is basically designed to maintain a cool temperature within the house. However, like any other machine in the house, your air conditioner and heating unit are also going to experience problems. As a responsible homeowner, it’s important that you learn a few things about the common issues that might arise in your air conditioner or heating unit. Here are some of the common issues that you might experience with your air conditioner, along with some common fixes for those issues.

Faulty Wiring

A very common issue that you might experience with your air conditioner or heating unit is faulty wiring. The air conditioner requires a considerable amount of electricity to work properly. Shoddy wiring can prevent the air conditioner from working properly. In fact, shoddy wiring can even become a major fire hazard and prevent the system from getting the power required to function properly. An easy way to figure out if your air conditioner is not getting adequate power is to see if the circuit breaker keeps tripping every time you turn on the air conditioner. The circuit breaker is designed to prevent undue load on the wires. You should contact a local company that offers heating and air conditioning repair in order to get the wiring inspected and repaired. If there’s a problem in the electrical circuitry of your air conditioner, an error code will be displayed on the screen.

Refrigerant Running Low

The refrigerant, or the cooling gas, is filled up in the air conditioner. It’s the chemical that’s used to cool the air. However, if the refrigerant levels are running low, it might indicate a problem with the sealing in the pipes. If the refrigerant is leaking, you will need to contact a professional repair company. They will first inspect the condenser, the compressor, and the indoor unit, to determine where the issue lies. After sealing the unit again, the company will then refill the refrigerant in the unit.

Exterior Fan Stops Working

Another common issue that you are very likely to encounter with your air conditioning unit is if the exterior fan stops working properly. The main function of your exterior fan is to convey the heat from the home outside into the air. If the exterior fan isn’t working properly, the heat will not be transferred properly from the indoor out into the open. As a result, it’s very likely to cause issues with your air conditioning. On top of that, it’s likely to cause internal damage to your exterior compressor unit. These are just some of the many common issues that you are likely to experience with your air conditioning unit, so it’s important that you read up on them in case you should experience any of these issues yourself.


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