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Create a Stylish Kitchen with Glass Splashbacks

If you want to ensure that your kitchen looks modern and stylish, then you will need to ensure that you use the right materials throughout the entire space. Glass is always a great addition to any kitchen space and it adds a chic sophisticated look to everything from your sideboards to your cooker. Splashbacks are a useful product to use in a kitchen to help to protect your walls and they can also work as partitions to section off different areas in a kitchen.

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There are many areas in a kitchen where you can benefit from installing a glass splashback and it is important to ensure that you use high quality glass to avoid breakages. You can shop around for good quality glass splashbacks in Perth, London, Berlin or wherever in the world you live by using the internet to conduct a search and you will need to look around your kitchen to work out exactly where you would want to put the splashbacks.

Where to Put a Splashback

Below are a few ideas about where you can place glass splashbacks to improve the way your kitchen looks and functions:

  • Behind a hob
  • As a partition for different areas
  • Behind a sink
  • On the back of thesideboards


Anywhere in your kitchen that is prone to getting dirty or wet will benefit from having a splashback installed and glass is the best material to use in terms of being aesthetically pleasing on the eye and easy to maintain.

Glass is also really easy to clean, so if the splashback gets dirty when you are cooking or wet while you are washing up the dirty dishes, you can simply wipe it clean without having to scrub it for hours.

Hiring a Specialist Company

You will need to ensure that you hire a specialist company to install your splashbacks and they will do all of the following for you:


  • Survey the space
  • Take measurements
  • Design and make bespoke splashbacks to fit your kitchen
  • Install the splashbacks

Every kitchen is a unique space and therefore you will need to get your splashbacks made to measure by the company, rather than just buy ones that are readymade.

Choosing your Glass

It is possibleto get your splashbacks made from coloured glass if you would prefer and you should be able to choose which colours you want by looking through a colour chart that the company will provide to you.


When choosing the glass that you want to use, below are the two most common types of glass to choose between:

  1. Float glass
  2. Starphire glass

Float glass has a green tinge to it as it has a high iron content, while starphire glass is almost totally clear as it is made without any iron and if you are not sure which one you would prefer, then you can always ask the company for some advice. Also, yourbudget might determine which type of glass you use for your splashbacksas starphire is usually more expensive.

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