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Dangers of Pest Infestations

Bed bugs are a big nuisance worldwide. However, most people don’t take steps to protect themselves from these awful bugs until it gets too late and their house gets infested. They do this out of laziness and the thought that bed bugs won’t harm them. This belief is very wrong and dangerous, and it can lead to many problems. The following are some surprising ways in which bedbugs can harm you and your loved ones:-


Some people are genetically allergic to bed bug bites, and this leads to an infuriating pain and some minor swelling. The actual allergic reaction to a bedbug bite can vary from very mild to moderately intense and can be very similar to a bee sting. This mostly depends on the genetics of the person. If you or a loved one gets a bedbug bite and starts to get minor swelling from it, you should immediately go to your local physician for a checkup. 


Infections are pretty rare in the case of bedbug bites and can vary from primary bacterial infection to severe infections such as tetanus. When someone gets bit by a bedbug, they usually attempt to scratch that area, and this leads to an open wound. This open wound acts as an entrance for harmful bacteria to enter the bloodstream and start an infection at the site of the bite. These infections can be easily prevented by using an antiseptic medicine and having a mild antibiotic. 

Dangerous diseases

Getting a disease from a bedbug bite is rare but happens. This is because, like any other blood-feeding bug that spreads fatal blood-borne diseases, bed bugs do too. A bedbug that first bites an infected person may bite a healthy one and cause the spread of deadly diseases.


Insomnia from bedbugs is more of an annoyance than a health hazard but either way, it is the thing that bedbugs are most hated for. They don’t let you sleep by biting you in the middle of the night. Then the burning itching sensation further prevents falling asleep. All this combined makes a good night’s rest something impossible to get. Prolonged insomnia can lead to various other problems and significantly shorten one’s lifespan. Hence getting rid of bedbugs is crucial to a long and healthy life.

So, now that you know how bed bugs can harm you. If you ever come across these hellish bugs, immediately call your local insect exterminator to eradicate them and free you from the probleme de punaise de lit.

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