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Do Termites Require Professional Services?

Who would have thought that such a small insect could do so much damage? Termites feast upon wood, which makes a home and its foundation, a perfect place for them to make camp and feast away. Additionally, termites like warmer climates because it offers a great breeding ground for them, places in the Bay area, like San Jose Termite control, is nothing new to the professional exterminators in the Bay area, as a matter of fact – they are single handedly the reasoning behind most of the calls to professional exterminators. Amongst their other insect friends like cockroaches and ants, termites cause the most damage in the least amount of time.

Different Types of Termites

There are a couple of different types of termites that are indigenous to the Bay area, which are subterranean and dry-wood termites. Subterranean are the termites that live underground and essentially chew through foundations while the dry-wood termites like to feast on walls and eat furniture. The more educated you are on the damage that termites can have on your home, the better because then you will be able to figure what type of services will be best for your particular situation. Not all infestations can be treated the same, and by seeking out professional extermination services, you can rest assured that they will know immediately how to properly handle the situation.

How large is the Colony?

With subterranean termites especially, there is no telling how large the colony is underground. To put everything into perspective, a colony that is about five years old could potentially be thousands of termites doing damage, but if the colony has been around for twenty years or more, the number can be in the millions! This is not common knowledge, but good information to know when the time comes and damage is being noticed. It will help you decide which treatment option is going to be best.

Spot Treatment

Infestations that take place inside the home may not require super intense treatment, like whole house fumigation. Spot treatment options are available, which may target one specific area. The exterminator will be able to guide you and advice you on which treatment option is going to be most effective. Listen to your exterminator – he may have valuable information for you!

 Newer Homes vs. Older Homes

Newer homes are at lower risk than older homes because of the materials that are utilized during the building phase. Now knowing all of the information that we do as far as insects, damage, energy efficiency, etc., building materials are more resistant to infestations from various insects and critters alike.

For those who live in San Jose, termite control is a topic that should not sit on the back burner. Contact your local exterminator today!

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