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Get Concrete Raising done In Case of Unstable and Sunken Slabs

Many kinds of repair at home can be done by homeowners any time and in any season. Most repairs inside the house or on the exterior walls happen due to various changes in climatic conditions. For example, wear and tear due to thunder storm, brushing off of paint due to rain or snow and staining because of moisture.  As a homeowner, it is our duty to keep our house updated to increase its value and appearance.

However, these minor repairs are easy tasks, but what about the repair of concrete that gets damaged generally due to cooler temperature. When it’s freezing outside and or during fall, the change in season introduces a problem known as fall push. Due to excess moisture, wear and tear, corrosion and pressure, the concrete slab sinks making the floor uneven.

Generally, concrete takes a month to dry out which means it cannot be repaired or constructed during October. This one seasonal obstacle stops you from replacing it in freezing temperature. However, there is one thing which can be done in any season and that is concrete raising. This is a process in which it is raised back to even out the level. It isn’t an expensive job, but has to be done by a professional.

Concrete raising Houston is done by professional from a foundation company. All you have to do is search Yellow pages or look online and get the list of best foundation companies. Read all reviews of their customers and contact one who suits you the best depending upon your budget.

There are different ways of concrete raising –

  • Polyurethane Foam and mudjacking
  • Lifting
  • Void filling

Polyurethane Foam and mudjacking

Any one of the mixture is injected into the gap between the uneven concrete. This mixture expands because of the chemical reaction and raises the concrete to its level. This mixture replaces the sand that was eroded.


Slab sinks because of soil erosion and poor settling. Sometimes to fill the empty space below the slab, concrete is lifted and hole is drilled to fill with sand that is mixed with clay. When it dries it helps in keeping the concrete sturdy.

Void filling

Empty spaces push concrete slab to move downwards. This method is used to fill empty spaces with a substance that is stronger than the previous one.

Concrete raising is useful for roads and industrial areas. This process doesn’t need replacement of concrete, which keeps the road active for transportation. In industrial areas replacement is also not possible because it will stop production, which can be a huge loss for the business.

However, lifting and replacing, both need excess manpower because concrete is heavy. Thus, it is advised to take help from professionals before doing it yourself.

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