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Hiring A Chicago Brain Injury Attorney

A brain injury is not only traumatic to the victim, but for the family as well. Traumatic brain injury or TBI, is common in the US, with an average of 1.7 million people suffering brain damage every year. If such occurrences are left unattended, it can lead to serious damage or even death. There are several ways in which one can sustain brain damage from incidences such as accidental slips, road accidents, criminal attacks etc. In the event of such happenings, one should seek medical attention immediately for assessment. While some lucky few may escape without considerable head injuries, others may need to seek a Chicago brain injury attorney, as they could be looking at a hard legal battle.

Brain injury overview

There are basically two types of brain injuries: open and closed. An open injury is when the skull has been fractured, usually from falls and car accidents. This is when the head makes contact with harder surface. Closed injuries may sound less implicating however, they may be fatal due to swelling of the brain. Regardless of the type of brain injury, they may come with a number of devastating outcomes such as paralysis, brain damage, and even death. Therefore, it is important you have an attorney on standby just in case.

What instances allow you to hire a lawyer?

Some people believe that the injury is self- inflicted or there were no third parties involved. While brain injury may just be a case of bad luck or an unfortunate solo incident, you still need to hire an attorney.


Breach of duty of care

If your doctor somehow neglects his work and inflicts more damage to the victim of brain damage, then he or she is eligible for suing. This is because duty of care is the legal obligation, which requires every individual to exercise some degree of care to prevent the harming of others, and when it comes to doctors, it is no exception either.



A claim can be filed if the brain injury sustained caused significant damages to the victim and the family as a whole. If the victim, for example, suffers trauma in the form of a minor concussion from the injury, they are entitled to a good attorney to settle the case in their favor.

You can file a lawsuit if the brain injury was caused by direct negligence from the other party. This can be a doctor failing to honor his duties, or a reckless driver .

Brain damage is the one thing many people ignore. The physical and psychological pain caused by brain injury affect the victim and the family. but one need not bear all the turmoil alone. Based on the above scenarios, one can seek the services of a good Chicago brain injury attorney to represent them and take a little sting out of the situation.

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