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Houston Auto Accident Victims Need a Real Friend

Have you been hurt in an auto accident in the Houston area? If so, you are probably in need of some serious legal advice. Trying to go it alone can wind up being a huge mistake. Quite often those who forgo retaining an experienced auto accident attorney Houston find themselves accepting a low ball settlement offer or receiving nothing at all. These unfortunate accident victims then wind up in financial trouble. Medical bills, car repair bills and insurance payments begin to mount. They may miss time from work recuperating from the injuries. It is not unheard of for some accident victims to go into bankruptcy. You can avoid this fate by seeking qualified, compassionate personal injury help today.

Insurance Companies and the Other Driver Are Not Your Friends

Many Texas insurance companies are ultra-conservative when it comes to settling auto accident claims. They summarily low ball obviously legitimate claims as a matter of course. Uninformed auto accident victims often take the money, assuming it to be a fair amount. Only later do they realize they have been duped.

Settlements require tough negotiations. You need an attorney who knows the appropriate amount your injuries deserve. This advisor can calculate the pain, suffering and emotional injuries, along with the medical costs and lost wages to ascertain a fair settlement dollar figure. If needed, they can even represent you in court to force the insurer or other driver to pay you what your deserve.

Watch What You Say

Another problem that auto accident victims run into is assuming that the other party is acting in good faith. Always be skeptical of those who have done you harm.

Try to avoid talking to the opposing side as much as possible without proper legal representation present. For example, the accused may attempt to get you to say something as simple as “I am sorry.” Then, in court, they will use this statement, probably out of context, to claim you admitted to all, or some, of the blame for causing the accident. These words can cost you all or a percentage of the requested damage award.

Contact an Auto Accident Attorney Houston

A competent attorney can request compensatory damages to get you back on track. This court award covers what you have spent or lost dealing with the accident and its aftermath. Requesting this money is not as easy as it seems. You will need experienced advice on how to gather all the right evidence to persuade the other party, insurer or court to accept your claim.

Too many Houston area auto accident victims have gone it alone only to have a simple miscalculation derail their cases. Avoid this fate by contacting a qualified personal injury law firm today.

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