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How Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney Protects Your Rights

Anyone charged with a criminal defense should immediately hire a criminal defense attorney to protect their Constitutional rights in California. A criminal conviction on your record can cause more than just a fine and the aggravation of court litigation. Criminal convictions can affect a person’s future job opportunities and higher education plans. Many institutes for higher learning do background checks on all prospective students. Someone that had a drug offense, harassment conviction or even multiple driving citations may find that they are not chosen for their dream college choice.

Having a criminal offense documented on their permanent records can limit the future job offers that the convicted criminal will receive. Even individuals convicted at a younger age often complain of prejudice among better paying employers even if the person has walked the straight and narrow road ever since the youthful teenage discretion. It is crucial for anyone who is charged with a criminal act to immediately contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer to avoid the risks of having a criminal conviction on their record. This is highly recommended if the charge is a drug possession for recreational use charge, or if the charge involves harassment, stalking, domestic abuse or an assault.

Stalking laws in California have recently changed. Police and other agencies can charge individuals for a variety of offenses under the current stalking laws. Just calling someone several times using potentially threatening language can result in a stalking charge. It is very important for individuals to have a competent criminal defense lawyer review the stalking charges and provide needed advice. It is possible for someone to get a stalking conviction that might not be entirely truthful when all of the evidence is considered. Refer any further legal or personal communication regarding such charges to a reliable attorney skilled in current criminal defense laws.

Since California legalized marijuana use, police agencies and the public have been arguing about protecting other drivers and pedestrians from someone driving while high on marijuana. New changes have some police departments asking for a breathalyzer test that indicates whether marijuana is in someone’s system. These traffic pullovers typically arise after a police officer notes that someone is driving erratically and has committed some traffic violation. If the person fails a sobriety test, the officer can request this test. Find out all of your rights with regards to these new tests. Drug charges could potentially be filed even if someone was not recently smoking marijuana.

Hayward attorneys capable of handling all criminal defense cases big or small are available. Contact a criminal defense legal firm that provides expert criminal defense and valuable legal representation and advice. Just knowing what is legal, and what is not can drastically alter the outcome of your specific criminal case. Whether needing high quality legal representation for a marijuana driving offense, to requiring a defense on murder or manslaughter charges, a seasoned criminal defense lawyer is your best bet in obtaining a favorable legal outcome.

Many Californians have trusted the law offices of Louis J. Goodman when needing a tough criminal defense attorney that has the necessary background and knowledge to win criminal cases. This reputable attorney has worked as a prosecutor and knows the legal processes inside out for criminal charges.

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