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Increase Your Customer Base With A Folding Arm Awning

Running your own little café or small restaurant might be a dream come true. It doesn’t matter if your operation is small, you get to meet and speak to interesting customers, cook up your favourite dishes and serve the best coffee in town. In addition, there are all the classic benefits of being a business owner, such as making your own money and being your own boss. While it’s true that running a restaurant can be extremely rewarding, it’s certainly not an easy task.

You’ll have the responsibility of not only decorating your premises to suit your tastes but also to attract the customers you need. Even small businesses have to market effectively, even if they’re just trying to capture the local market. Plus, you’ll have to deal with the constant stress of making sure you turn over a profit. Yours and your staff’s livelihood depends on the success of your business, and capturing recurring customers in a busy city such as Adelaide is no walk in the park. If you’re searching for ways to increase your customer base, you might consider better utilising your outdoor space.

Create Extra Space for Customers with Outdoor Awnings

Awnings could prove to be a great way to turn heads because you’re creating extra outdoor space by providing shelter from the rain and harmful UV rays. If you purchase folding arm awnings in Adelaide, they’ll also be unobtrusive and easy to clear away.

Folding Arm Awning

  • Attract recurring customers – Everybody has some kind of morning routine. Some people like to hang on to every possible minute of sleep they can get, jump straight in the shower and then rush off to work. But many people love to enjoy a morning coffee outdoors, and these are the people that could become your recurring customers. Nobody wants to be blinded by the sun 30 minutes after waking up, and awnings mean they can relax in the shade.
  • Extra advertising – Another great feature of awnings is that you can feature advertising on them as well. You could have your company name and logo, as well as information such as the date you established your business. Branding is a powerful tool, and a company-branded awning will make your business look truly professional.
  • They won’t get in the way – Folding arm awnings feature no permanent beams or obtrusive supports. They simply unfold as you crank the handle when you need extra outdoor space, and then they fold away with a simple crank of the handle in the opposite direction. Alternatively, you could choose an awning with an electrical opening function for extra ease.

If you’re not providing outdoor shade, you’re missing out on space for customers and an advertising platform that could prove to seriously increase your profits. You might have chairs and parasols already, but clearing parasols away at night to prevent theft just wastes time when you consider you could just install a simple to put away awning.

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