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Keynote Speaker Josh Linkner Combines Wisdom With Musicality

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “motivational speaker”? Maybe you envision some drab, pasty-looking guy robotically uttering feel-good platitudes while your employees nod off. That’s a perfectly natural response since the idea of bringing a keynote speaker in to jump-start a workplace has been dismissed and parodied throughout the years. What’s easy to forget is that sometimes an outside voice is needed to shake things up a bit and the Sweeney Agency is here to make sure that voice is always informative and engaging. They make sure that nobody listening will be zoning out ever again.

Josh Linkner is a perfect example. If you don’t know his name, you probably should – he’s the author of two New York Times Best sellers and he writes regular columns for Forbes, the Detroit Free Press, and Inc. Magazine. After successfully founding and running four tech companies and then selling them for millions, Linkner has deservedly become an authority on what it takes to keep a business going strong. And on top of all of this, he’s also an accomplished jazz guitarist.

What’s so dynamic and unique about Linkner is that he doesn’t keep his music and business sides separate. Since creativity is the cornerstone of any successful company, he knows how important it is to keep people dreaming. He illuminates how certain businesses are able to harness their creativity for practical results by staying disciplined and shows how to avoid common pitfalls that can harm your thought processes.

Linkner also speaks to leadership approaches, such as how to pick and choose the ideas that are best to pursue and the ones that should be left by the wayside. Additionally, he advocates the idea of constantly thinking like an entrepreneur, no matter how comfortable and established your business may be. It’s important to see your business as other entrepreneurs do, so that you can pinpoint any weaknesses and improve before someone else takes advantage.

On a different note, if you thought you weren’t possibly going to be able to see any of Linkner’s jazz stylings during his keynote speech, think again. His presentation is musically interactive and he actually performs live jazz with his band interwoven with dialogue. It’s a perfect illustration of the teamwork that all workplaces need in order to succeed, as jazz is totally dependent on the harmony between all the different instruments to create its sublime improvisation.

Believe me, this is one keynote presentation that no one on your staff is going to want to miss.

Source: The Sweeney Agency

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