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Services Offered by The Dolman Law Group: A Civil Trial and Personal Injury Firm

Every year, up to three million people are injured in accidents; at work, in their cars, at home or outdoors. On most occasions, someone else is at fault, and this implies that the crash victims have the complete right to seek and demand compensation.

Every single claim, regardless of its individual basis, whether negligence, intentional or strict liability, has two key issues; damages and liability. Was the accused liable for the injuries and damages you sustained? If so, then what are the extent and the nature of your injuries? If you are in a position to prove the damages and liability, a reliable system of justice will award you the deserved compensation for the loss.

Even though, the world of personal injury law is complex in nature, with the assistance of a reputable and experienced personal injury solicitor, the process of making a lawsuit claim can be very easy. Most personal injury lawyers do offer a free consultation and will tell you if you have a claim which is justifiable. A solicitor will additionally stick by your side, when dealing with insurance firms, in a bid to ensure that your personal circumstances are fully met.

If you are a Tarpon Springs resident, you should have little to worry about, since you have a competent injury attorney at your disposal. At Dolman Law Group, you will indeed find a team of excellent, dedicated and award-winning lawyers, who each particular attorney specialize in a specific field of personal injury law.

Over the years, the Dolman Law Group has continued to represent the residents of Tarpon Springs with their injury claims relating to motorcycle accidents, wrongful deaths, truck accidents, insurance bad faith claims, auto accidents, traumatic brain injuries and a host of other personal injuries.

So today in this article we are going to discuss some of the legal services offered by the Dolman Law Group Attorneys.

Car accident representation.

If you have sustained physical injuries due to a car accident, the representation and the advice of a Clearwater medical injury lawyer can aid you to navigate through the array of legal issues which will likely emerge. As an auto accident law firm, the Dolman Law Group attorneys are well-versed in this area and will deal with the insurance companies accordingly.

Probably you know some of the devastating consequences a car accident can have on the involved victims and their respective families. Some of the issues which crop up in the aftermath of automobile accident include:

• Car repairs.
• Medical expenses.
• Personal Injury Protection (PIP).
• Lost wages and,
• Florida’s NO Fault System.

Bicycle accidents.

The benefits of biking are numerous. Equally, biking is an eco-friendly mode of transport, and most of us enjoy it. Beautiful trails and nature, beaches throughout the State of Florida have the area the preferred destination for many. However, bicycle accidents can prove deadly, especially when a collision occurs between a motor vehicle and a bike.

According to a report by the National Highway Transportation Authority, car vs. bicycle accidents, in 2011 alone, lead to 687 cyclist fatalities. This figure accounts for more than two percent of all fatalities in the U.S. Florida accounted for 120 of the 687 deaths. Because there are high numbers of cyclists in the state of Florida, Florida Legislature has implemented some laws which apply to both the motorists and cyclists. You can visit this page, and learn more about these regulations:

Tarpon Springs Personal Injury and Auto Accident Attorneys

Most often, injured cyclist tends to handle claims and negotiate with their respective insurance firms. It is no secret insurance companies will not always be on your side. The adjuster’s objective is to settle your claim for the smallest amount of cash possible. However, with the help of a lawyer from the Dolman Law Group, you can get the representation you need for your compensation.

Motorcycle accidents.

When you are involved in a crash as a motorcyclist, you don’t have the advantage of being surrounded by airbags, a steel frame or any other safety requirement of the automobile. Even worse, insurance firms will usually cast the blame on you, as being a reckless driver. On the other hand, even a motorcyclist with lots of experience, who obeys traffic rules, drives defensively and always stay on guard will still get involved in an accident.

Dolman Law Group represents the victims of motorcycle accidents in Clearwater, throughout the whole state of Florida.

Pedestrian accidents.

The ever warm climate in Florida coupled with many tourist sites have made to become one of the deadliest states, regarding the safety of the pedestrians. According to the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration, 4,280 walkers were killed and close to 700,000 got injured in the U.S in 2010. Based on these figures, a pedestrian is injured every eight minutes, and one dies after every two hours.

Again in this scenario, most victims of pedestrian accidents usually try to settle their compensation claims with the owner of the vehicle’s insurance company. Sadly, though, nearly all these situations result in the victim being largely under compensated for the associated injuries. At Dolman Law Group, you can find experienced lawyers who can sail you smoothly toward your quest of being adequately compensated.

Truck accidents.

Accidents involving large industrial trucks include unique sets of issues compared to automobile accidents. This implies that if you are a victim, you should always seek the assistance of a good attorney for your compensation claims. There are lots of things which might lead to truck accidents, including the driver’s negligence, overloaded trucks, mechanical breakdowns, improper inspections and much more. These are some of the technical issues which face commercial vehicles. However, the Clearwater truck accident attorneys of Dolman Law Group, understand deeply all the nuances involved in vehicle accidents.

Other Practice Areas.

Additionally, there are a lot more practice areas which the Dolman Law Group can help you in. These other areas include;

• Dangerous drugs and defective medications.
• Dog bites and PTSD.
• Debt Collection and Creditor Harassment.
• Distracted drivers.
• Maritime Law.
• Medical Malpractice.
• Sexual assault.
• Workers compensation.
• Wrongful death.
• QUI TAM Litigation.
• Nursing Home Abuse and much more.

You can get additional information on every of each are by visiting this page: https://www.dolmanlaw.com/tarpon-springs-personal-injury-auto-accident-attorneys/

The Bottom Line.

Road traffic carnage rank as the ninth leading cause of death and account for 2.3% of all deaths globally. Unless a quick action is taken road traffic deaths and injuries are projected to become the fifth leading death cause by 2030. This is a shocking statistic, and we must be worried. Sadly, injured victims have never compensated adequately, either due to lack or inadequate representation by attorneys. You should always ensure that you consult a competent lawyer if you are involved in a crash. At Doman Law Group, you can find a qualified lawyer, who can help you settle your claims.

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