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Some Basic Tech Specs for Choosing Eliquid Vaporizers

Not all people understand the romanticism of inhaling recreational smoke. That is precisely the reason why many people do not find it attractive, and that is perfectly alright as a personal decision. For those who do, it is again a personal choice as to whether to smoke or vape. Many mistakenly tend to think that this is an alternative to smoking and a way of quitting cigarettes. While it may be true that vapor fix without nicotine is also available, but one can also buy it with a relatively high percentage of the addictive substance. As such, it is not technically a cigarette alternative, and should be considered as something entirely exclusive. Indeed, with so many unique variations and aspects to consider, vaping is an entire new way to enjoy the delights of smoky relaxation.

Zeroing on the right choice

Selecting the right vaporizer device is as crucial as the choice of eliquid. The decision spectrum can be rather baffling because of the umpteen variations of flavor, concentrations, nicotine amount, and whether it is VG or PG priority. You should always start with choosing the liquid first because only then you could be able to decide a compatible appliance for using it. For instance, if the heat generated is rather strong, a thin glass thing may simply crack under the temperature. You would want something sturdy for that. Apart from the material, other parameters one needs to consider include battery power, coil type, size, design, and whether it is sub-ohm, or a RDA application.

What it takes

Sub zero vaping is especially popular among folks who seek to bellow big gusts of smoke, while feeling easy on the throat. Check out the resources at a reputable retailer website. In fact, make it a point to buy the liquid from a smart, reputable service. Beware of counterfeit Chinese providers. Many cheap local sites also sell DIY homebrews for the purpose. Avoid all that unsafe, and enjoy the recreation with safety. Start with enquiring on the product label readings. You would encounter a VG/PG ratio, a reading of added flavors, and the percentage of nicotine present. Decide accordingly, but obviously, you must know the meanings of these things first. VG means Vegetable Glycerin and PG stands for Propylene Glycol. Depend on the facts to decide which is best for you.

What you need

VG is obtained from plant and vegetable extracts and the vials vary according to the extraction source. It would also leave a unique taste of its own, along with the added flavors. The inhalation is soft on the throat, and also naturally producing more smoke than an equivalent volume of PG. However, it may not be the most cost-effective solution because the highly viscous VG vaporizes faster than the other option. You can buy 100% VG eliquid or in mixed proportion with Propylene Glycol. With PG, the flavor feeling comes out as crisper and more powerful.

As such it may not be suitable if you are new to the hobby. Consider peer reviews along with visiting the blog posts at your preferred retailer page. Always remember that it is an extremely versatile habit, and there is virtually no end to experimentation. Keep trying unless you know what you need exactly.         


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