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Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring an Attorney

You were pulled over for a DUI charge. The arresting officer questioned you, and found you to be above the legal limit to drive. But, there were inconsistencies with their statements, or errors made in filing the paperwork. One such question you are probably asking yourself is whether or not you have to hire a DUI attorney mesa az. Although the answer is no, you don’t need to, in many cases, it is well worth doing so to have your case properly handled. Before you hire an attorney, ask yourself these questions.

1. Do you know an attorney? –
If you know a lawyer or firm that specializes in DUI cases, you can ask them for their suggestions pertaining to your case. It is always a good idea to have a trusted source on your side, and one that truly knows the law, and will help you get off with the lowest possible sentencing. So in the event you have chosen to hire a law firm, asking friends or family for referrals, is a good way to ensure you hire a reputable firm, and one that will properly handle your case.

2. Do I need an attorney – 
Again, the answer is no; but this only touches the surface. If there are inconsistencies with police reports, if you do not know the law, or if there were issues during your arrest, a lawyer can have the case dismissed. Although you do not have to hire a lawyer, it is truly beneficial to have a team on your side, that knows what has to be proven, in order to have your case move forward. So even though it is not a legal requirement to hire a law firm, in many cases it is well worth doing so, simply to have a knowledgeable team on your side, and a team that knows the law representing you, to work to have your case penalties minimized or possibly thrown out altogether.

3. What are the facts? – 
Sometimes you can figure things out on your own. If you took an improper breathalyzer exam, if an improper traffic stop occurred, or if there were other inconsistencies, in many cases a judge is going to dismiss the case entirely. Depending on the facts, and what is present in your case, a lawyer can help you get off or have the case dismissed. So even if you eventually choose not to hire a lawyer, it is worth speaking to one, to learn your rights, and find out what will unfold, as the case progresses through the court system.

No matter what your case presents, whether or not you are at fault, or what intervening circumstances are present, a DUI attorney can help. But, before you choose a firm to represent you, and decide whether or not you truly need to have a lawyer represent you, these are a few of the ways in which you can decide whether or not you require representation, and hire the best firm in the event you choose to hire a lawyer for your case.

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