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Three Things All Small Businesses Need to Succeed

We live in an age of possibilities. If you have the push and a great idea, the tools are right here at hand to make that idea into a successful business. There are great companies both large and small that can testify to this by their own success. But you can’t do it alone and it is hard to be truly successful without the right tool to help you grow along the way.

While having the right location for your business may still be true for you if you plan to open a restaurant or coffee shop, for most businesses these days you can run them out of your back bedroom as easily as in an office complex. Having a huge number of employees is also not needed today to succeed. Many successful online businesses have less than twenty employees, but the ones they have are key to their success. But there are several important things every successful business needs today to not only survive but actually thrive.

Get Online or Get Out

It is virtually impossible to have a successful business these days if you don’t have some kind of website. What is more important, if you are a business that sells a product, as opposed to one that sells a service, you will need to have that product available online in a web-based store. That brings its own set of problems.

Today we know that sites can be hacked and information about those customers can be accessed from the site unless the best payment gateway is installed to ensure safety and security. It means we need one that is easy for your customers to use and hard for hackers to get into. There are a number of reputable companies, so spending the time finding the right partner for this is essential to success online.

Marketing versus Advertising

Today there are a number of ways to use marketing, the art of telling about your product without paying for placement, to increase sales. The use of social media to promote what you do, the ability to reach out to customers individually with emailed newsletters and staging local events with an online presence are just a few ideas.

 Advertising on the other hand needs a bigger budget, most of the time. It really depends on where you plan to advertise and how well you know your market. Many of the social media sites now offer advertising options that are inexpensive and reach a targeted audience, making them a good choice for small businesses in a niche market. Smart business owners will employ a mix of marketing and advertising to reach as many as possible with as little cash outlay as they can.

Work Smart Not Hard

Well, actually if you are starting out with a new business you will probably need to do both. I know very few business owners that work less than fifty hours a week, some quite a bit more. But the truth is if this business is part of your personal dream, you never care. Because when you are doing what you love, it never really feels like work. So, take every crumb of advice you can, listen to your customers when they tell you what they want from you, and enjoy the joy of working at your passion. It will pay off in more than money.

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