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Top Digital Marketing Trends to Apply In 2018

So you want to take your digital agency to a whole new level when it comes digital marketing, but don’t know where to begin. Worry not, because as you read on you will find out how to apply the latest trends to your agency’s marketing concepts.

If you have been in the digital marketing field for the last 15 years, then you may have seen the industry evolve for the better. Technology wise the growth has been phenomenal.

Which marketing trend will be important to your business in 2018?

There are three techniques that dominate the digital marketing world of late. It is clearly no surprise that content marketing takes the top place. Content marketing is a string that ties all the digital marketing elements together. It encourages communication between a business and their customers by keeping them occupied through blogs, social media, and email marketing. Artificial intelligence and machine learning come as a close second, with banner ads, pay per click and social media marketing coming in third, fourth and fifth.

If you look at the trends listed this year, you may notice that they are not necessarily new; rather they have improved over time and are gaining more positive results.

Listed below are the top ten Digital marketing trends that any digital agency can apply:

  1. Integrating Marketing activities to Customer lifestyle:

It is quite obvious that marketing, especially digital marketing, has become quite complex, with the growing competition and new trends that are coming up, it has become really important to always know what the customer wants and the company should be able to fulfill those needs. Digital marketing and communication can be improved if the company knows what the customer wants and can relate to it.

  1. Involving personalization into customer’s journey with the company:

To increase relevance, website personalization is highly used in e-commerce and marketing websites.

  1. Integrating social messaging apps into communication:

It is quite obvious that the use of social media and social messaging apps have grown ten folds in the last year or so. More than half of the mobile phone population uses apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and IMO. Companies can take advantage of these apps and expand their reach to potential clients.

  1. Involving video along with content:

Viral marketing is a term that goes hand in hand with video marketing. Research shows that audience responds better to visual content than reading blogs. They can understand the concept better and hence it is way more popular.

  1. Integrating different data sources:

This trend is a bit of a challenge but once you overcome it, the results are quite worth it. By following this trend you are merging various data from various social media platforms onto one platform so that you may compare the performance of your company on different platforms online.


So above listed are the top trends that your digital agency can look out for in the year 2018. Whether you are new to digital marketing or have been in this field for a long time, it is very important to remember that the marketing scene always changes and you as an agency have to learn to adapt along with it. If not, your company will be stagnant and boring. So, go ahead and explore the trends that will take your digital agency to the next level.

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