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Understanding Generations To Sell Your Product – Cam Marston

The modern marketplace is more diverse than ever before. And no, we don’t mean diverse in terms of culture although, admittedly, the global market has made economy incredibly varied in this respect.

 Rather, we’re pointing to the diversity of ages currently represented in today’s market.

 Arguably unlike any time in the past, four different and very distinct generational groups are consumers of products and culture. Each represents a unique set of values and ideals, from the eldest generation of Matures (those born before 1946) to Baby Boomers (1946-64) to Generation Xers (1965-79) to the most recent group, Millennials (1980-2000).

            Simply by looking at the distinct time periods each group was born in, one can see how they differ when it comes to their attitude and way of life. It isn’t just about age, but generational values, too. For example, Baby Boomers are generally more conservative and pragmatic, while Millennials are far more liberal and preoccupied with more artistic endeavours.

How, then, can a business market a product to all of these generational groups? Should a business pick one and create a marketing plan based solely on that specific generational group’s set of values? Or should a business play it safe and implement an advertising strategy that doesn’t speak to any one generation while not alienating any others?

In truth, there is no definitive answer when it comes to selling products across generations, but keynote speaker Cam Marston comes as close as anyone will.

Founder of marketing firm Generational Insights, Marston is a veritable expert when it comes to generational trends and business strategies. Marston’s work experience pretty much proves this as fact; Generational Insights has worked with many major corporations including Kellogg, Coca-Cola, ESPN, among others.

Blogger, columnist, and author of three books on generational trends, Marston’s latest publication, Generational Selling Tactics That Work (2011), specifically unpacks the intricacies of advertising across different age-groups. The first book written on the topic of generational approaches to sales and marketing, Marston brings this compendium of information directly to businesses through his commerce-focused speaker presentations.

In Marston’s presentation, appropriately dubbed “Selling Across the Generations,” the fact that any marketing strategy must be backed up by informed generational perspectives is readily addressed. With this in mind, Marston then informs his audience how to approach and engage each generational group, keeping in mind their unique biases and values in order to ultimately achieve a sale.

 But it isn’t just selling the goal of selling a product that drives Marston’s presentation. Sales are important, of course, but Marston wants his audiences to walk away with a deep understanding of generational dynamics. Not only does Marston dive into how each generation thinks and operates (both at-home and in the workplace) but he also empowers audiences with the tools to predict generational trends and shifts. All in all, Marston equips listeners to actively engage and connect with a customer, no matter their age.

 Using a blend of hard facts based on world-class research and anecdotal evidence, Marston ensures audiences are being educated while being entertained. Combined with engaging visuals and insights only someone entrenched into the world of business can provide, Marston’s presentation is a sure-fire pathway to success.

            To find out more about Cam Marston and his approach to generational insights, check out his Sweeney Agency speaker page.

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