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What are the Facets of Good Customer Service?

It would not be wrong to suggest that on an average day, a majority of people would be dealing with customer service representative ranging from one to five times. A majority of customer service experiences have been classified as decent and good, while others have been contemptuously termed as bad. In case, someone experiences, which he or she might deem as good customer service, he or she would usually take it, as if nothing extraordinary has happened. In case, the same person undergoes a bad customer service experience, they would not hesitate to tell everyone. Generally, a majority of people would ignore the latter of the two. It has been for very important reason, do you know what are the facets of a good customer service?

Good customer service has been about perception

However, most of the times, what a customer deems as bad customer service might not be overall bad for them. It could be the way they perceive the situation. However, the mobile industry has been a classic example where the misconception of the customer of what the customer service really has been. Moreover, it could actually lead them to decide that they have received has been bad customer service.


Customer service tips and tricks

Polite and calm

In case, a customer service representative has not been nice to people or do not sound polite on the call with people, they should find another job. The manner in which the customer service speaks to the customer would affect the manner in which the customer speaks in return. IT would be imperative to mention here that a good customer service representative would address the customer with respect and would not raise his or her voice. They should not try to talking over the customer regardless the customer shouting at them.

Precise and clear explanation

Any upset customer has been usually uninformed customer. In case of mobile industry, the customer should be made aware of how the billing process works. Do not assume that the customer would be aware of the service provided by the company or any other product launched by the mobile service provider. In case, you cannot do something for a customer, as the rule clearly explains why it should not be done, you would be required to explain the customer about your inability to get the task or job done.


Paying attention to customer needs

The worst-case scenario occurs when the customer service representative do not pay close attention to the needs of the customer on the phone call. It has been relatively imperative to put away with the common distractions and pay close attention to the customer call. You could also write down the needs of the customer if required. No good customer service representative requires asking the customer same question more than once.


For online retailers, it has been deemed important that clear and unambiguous policies should be posted.  In case, the product or service has been non-refundable or non-returnable, it would be the duty of the retailer to post it on their website, making it visible for the customer to view prior to purchasing the item. The aforementioned points have been the facet of Samsung service centre. You could contact NumbersHelpline to inquire about your queries round the clock.

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