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What Graphic Design Work Should You Outsource?

Graphic design – generally speaking – is a cutthroat industry. Just like most art professions, you either make it and earn a good living, or you suck at it and are left out to dry. If you’re not at all artistically inclined or you just really suck at using Photoshop, you are probably best off hiring a designer to do the graphic work for you. it’s sometimes hard to do because we tend to have certain images pre-framed in our mind as to what the graphics are supposed to look like, but in order to save time and/or frustration, it sometimes needs to be done. I for one outsource all my graphic work – especially offline banners, flyers, etc – except for eCovers. This does not mean I have special ecover templates or know how to quickly cook them up using Photoshop. It simply means I use a cool (yet free) eBook cover creator.

Here is a quick video walkthrough that my friend Konrad shot the other day: Don?t get me wrong: I too suck at graphic design. I am so clumsy with it that I sometimes waste hours trying to fine tune something a graphic designer could have done in mere minutes. Photoshop just does not agree with my low level of graphic design skills. Which is why I outsource so much of my graphic work. The only problem with outsourcing to seasoned graphic designers is that they charge me an arm and a leg for every little thing I need done. This applies to edits as well. Gosh I hate paying for edits! You’re charged even more when it comes to custom work like creating eCovers from scratch. Nothing gets done for free. Especially nothing worth anyone’s while.

Which is why I was so excited when Konrad showed me the cool ecover tool he uses. Not only has it saved me hundreds of dollars in ecover design work, but it has saved me hundreds of wait-time hours as well. Would I recommend it? Absolutely! Yes, outsource stuff you really don’t know how to do, but do your own ecovers. Using Konrad’s recommended tool, it’s even easier than describing what you had in mind to a graphic designer.

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