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What To Do If You Get Arrested For A Traffic Offence

If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law while out on the road, then the first thing that you will need to do is contact a lawyer who specialises in traffic offences. You may need to do some online research to find someone who can help you and you will need to look around for someone who has experience in handling a wide range of traffic violations. All lawyers will focus their skills on one particular part of the law, so finding someone who specialises in traffic offences is important to ensure that they know what they are doing to help you with your case.

One of the easiest ways to find a lawyer who deals with traffic offences is to look online and that way you can search for someone based in your local area. Expert traffic offence lawyers in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or wherever you live can help you through your case and it is important to get legal representation if you are serious about getting your charges reduced or even possibly dropped.

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Common Traffic Offences

When you are out on the roads a lot, it can sometimes be hard not to commit a common offence such as speeding. Most of us are guilty of driving dangerously sometimes and if you made an error in judgement and got behind the wheel when drunk, high on drugs or when your licence was suspended, then you should understand that all of these things can get you in trouble with the law.

Below are a few of the most common traffic offences that are committed:

  • Driving while suspended or disqualified
  • Driving without a licence
  • Drug and drink driving
  • Hoon legislation
  • Driving dangerously
  • Driving at high speeds
  • Reckless driving
  • Causing an accident
  • Reckless conduct
  • Repeat offences

You should try to use a lawyer who is well known for getting traffic offences reduced for people and you can ask them about their track record before you agree to hire them.

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Reduce Punishment

If you rely on your car to get to and from work, to get your kids to school every day or just to be able to go and do things like grocery shopping, then you will need to make sure you do everything possible to avoid losing your licence.

Here are some of the punishments for traffic violations:

  • Fine
  • Suspended licence
  • Revoked licence
  • Order to attend classes
  • Jail time

You might find your insurance premiums will go up as a result of being found guilty of a traffic offence or you may be ordered to attend a driving school, so that you can learn about the importance of being safe on the roads.

The most common punishment is a fine but the more serious the crime you committed, the more serious the punishment will be and this is something that any good lawyer will be able to offer you advice about.

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