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What You Ought To Learn About Professional Development Units (PDU) Category Structure

If you’re studying this short article, then chances are you really are a Project Management Software Professional (PMP) and you understand what PDU means. Otherwise, Professional Development Units (PDU) are just like credits that each PMP must earn to keep their certification.

Let us return a little: A higher school diploma is earned once, which last for life, however your PMP certification needs to be restored every 3-year cycle. Quite simply, your PMP cycle starts at the time that you simply pass the PMP exam, and expires with that same date after three years. To stay a PMP credential holder, you have to take part in PMI’s “Ongoing Certification Needs System (CCRS)” program. The PMP credential requires you to definitely obtain 60 PMI PDUs during each 3-year cycle. All learning activities are credited based on 1 hour of learning activity being credited as you PDU.

Essentially, the work Management Institute (PMI) wants you like a Project Management Software Professional (PMP) to continuously learn additional skills, similar to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants air travel pilots to coach regularly and exercise their skills to keep their license.

PDU Groups and Major Divisions:

The Work Management Institute (PMI) divides PDUs into two major divisions:

– Education


– Giving To the Profession

This latest categorization causes it to be much simpler for candidates to know, and for that reason to organize their learning activities. Each division has 3 groups that we will cover:


This division has limitless PDUs. You are able to claim all of your 60 PDUs from all of these groups.

Category A: They are courses (online or classroom or webinars) provided by any Registered Education Provider (Repetition). These courses happen to be reviewed through the PMI and kept in their Ongoing Certification Needs System (CCRS) database, so you just need to go in the PMI Activity Quantity of the program (and show you finished that course when you get audited). The Repetition program includes an array of online training providers, colleges, universities, government departments, corporations and commercial training firms. You’ll find Repetition program people today in additional than 70 countries.

If you are looking for PDU courses in Singapore, it’s important to choose the right institute. Certain institutes also offer bundle promotional deals, where you can get offers for choosing more than one course at a time. Check the course inclusions and consider your professional goals before selecting the options.

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