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Why boiler tubes should be approved by IBR (indian boiler regulations)

IBR is Indian Boiler Regulations, which is the latest version of the law was created by the Indian Boilers Act. The steam boilers are very ancient in origin which has greatly improved this steam engine in steam plants by famous scientist, James Watt. Any boiler or boiler components manufacturer from India or outside India wishing to supply needs IBR certification for it. Aesteiron Steels Pvt. Ltd. is the well known manufacturers of boiler tubes in India. Their boiler tube has been approved by IBR. Their testing procedure, modern technology, experts and rigorous inspection ensures their manufactured boiler tubes to withstand adverse working conditions such as pressure, temperature and loads. They offer these tubes in various size, specification and grades as per the requirements.

Boiler tubes are made from heat resisting carbon and low alloy steel which can work in adverse conditions. IBR Boiler Tubes are used in parts of energy type equipments such as boilers, super heaters, economizers, heat exchangers, etc. A pressure vessel in which steam is generated for external use is called as a boiler. Boiler tubes, which are being used for a pressure vessel which have a capacity of more than 25 litres used for generating steam must be approved by Ibr. Also, the Boiler components that need Ibr approval like for steam piping, feed piping, economizers, super heaters, any mounting or fitting, any other external or internal part of a boiler which is subject to a pressure exceeding one kilogram per centimetre square gauge.

Boiler Tubes are used for parts of energy type equipment in various plants like power generation, nuclear power generation, chemical, fertilisers, petroleum etc. in which many critical processes are involved at the high temperature and pressure in the corrosive environment. So the selection of the material for these tubes is very important phenomenon towards the durability of the tubes which ultimately results in high performance and profitability of the plant. The IBR covers the design, fabrication, inspection, testing and certification of Boilers or any boiler part including feed piping, boiler components like steam piping, heat exchangers, super heaters, valves converters, economizers, evaporators etc. For all above reasons boiler tubes should be approved by Ibr.

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