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Why RL360° Quantum is proving popular among expats

RL360° Quantum is a popular investment product among those who are keen to build up their savings on a regular, flexible basis. It can help people to accrue wealth to cover significant future expenses, like paying for the university fees of family members or supplementing retirement incomes. As well as being used by UK residents, it’s popular among expats. Here, we take a look at facts and figures that back this up, and examine why Quantum is proving a hit among those living overseas.

Policyholders in over 100 countries

Recently, RL360° released the findings of a study into the behaviour of its Quantum savers. It looked at data from over 33,000 of its policies to compare how saving habits have changed between the 1990s and now. The headline finding was that people are now saving more money and for longer than they used to. However, the research also revealed some interesting things about the popularity of Quantum among expats. It found that 69% of expats who bought a policy in the 1990s are still living abroad and they are based in 114 different countries. The most popular of these is the UAE. The research also showed that more policies than ever before are being purchased by savers located in the Far East.

Commenting on the statistics, RL360° Marketing Services and Communications Manager Nigel Danzelman said: “As most of our expat clients tend to remain abroad in the long term, having a flexible, medium to long-term, multi-currency saving plan can be a really attractive proposition.”

A secure and portable home for savings

Also remarking on the draw of Quantum among people located abroad, the company’s Product and Investment Marketing Manager Andrew Dudgeon recently suggested that a lack of state pension provisions in many expat locations means that finding a portable and secure home for their investments and savings is a priority for a lot of people living and working overseas. He also noted that the RL360° Quantum policyholder research highlighted the fact that once people move abroad to work, it’s likely that they will remain outside the UK for a considerable period of time. Part of the attraction of Quantum is the fact that it is easy to manage from anywhere in the world. Also, it’s available in 7 currencies, including pound sterling, US dollar, Australian dollar, Hong Kong dollar, euro, Japanese yen and Swiss franc.

Based on the Isle of Man, RL360° operates across the globe, including the Middle East, Far East, Africa, Latin America and Europe. If you are keen to find out more about its flagship regular premium product, you can check out RL360° Quantum reviews, or if you’d like to discover more about the company more generally, you can find RL360° reviews.

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