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Why Your Staff Will Work Harder If You Redesign Your Office

Making sure your company continues to experience growth and achieve new heights isn’t easy, but you definitely won’t be able to do it if your employees aren’t motivated to work. Your employees are integral to the success of your business, but all too often, employees feel as if their employers don’t appreciate the work they do and the hours they put in. You might be the person making all the big decisions and signing the deals, but your staff members are there to make sure the job gets done.

The problem is, you can’t simply increase everybody’s wages just to show them that you care. It’s hard enough retaining profits as it is in this day and age, and even increasing wages a little bit could be a big blow to your business if you suddenly experience a difficult time. Besides, nobody can really tell what the future holds in terms of the world economy.

In addition, it’s not as if you can start handing out extra holidays or reducing the number of hours people need to work to show them their well-being is a priority because you need your employees to go the extra mile as it is. However, there is one way you could increase staff productivity that you might not have even thought of.

Office Redesigns can Boost Productivity

It’s highly likely that if you’ve had the same office layout for a number of years or even decades, your staff members are simply bored of their surroundings. Just think about the property in which you live in – you need it redecorated from time to time to make sure life still feels fresh. Well, the same goes for your office, only it’s a little different because you need to think about what your staff wants as well as yourself.

Admittedly, what we’re talking about does require an investment, and you might already be struggling to keep in line with your budget. You probably think that marketing is the area you should focus your efforts when it comes to investing, but all the marketing in the world will do no good if your staff aren’t willing to do their jobs professionally and efficiently.

Below, we’ll discuss a few reasons as to why a new office layout will boost staff productivity which in turn, will result in your business making more money. Saracen Interiors craft contemporary office designs which will not only make your staff happier to work, but also take your breath away every time you open the doors to your business premises.

Getting the Most from Your Staff

Everybody knows that they have no choice but to get a job because they have bills to pay and mouths to feed. However, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with trying to make your employees love their job. Here’s why an office redesign will boost staff productivity exponentially. You might find it’s the smartest investment you’ve ever made.


  • Employees will appreciate you investing in their work environment – Your staff members will no doubt be meeting their friends on a weekend and talking about their jobs. In many situations, people like to talk about how ridiculously old their office looks and how they dislike turning up to work as a result. If you never do anything about it, your staff might assume your office looks dated because you simply don’t care about making things look modern for them. Spruce things up a little, and your employees will feel more inclined to work to their best potential.
  • They’ll probably end up with more space to work – Office designs, just like with anything else in the world, improve as times goes on. And we don’t just mean in terms of how stylish they look, we also mean in terms of how efficiently they use space. There’s no point in having rows and rows of desks that make an office look depressing when you can have an office with desks arranged in groups that promote communication and make a great use of space. If your employees feel less cramped and have more room to get on with their jobs, they’ll probably do more work.
  • Your employees need the latest equipment – If you’re a small company, you might be tempted to only invest in new office equipment when your current equipment becomes seriously outdated. Sure, staff may still be able to get their jobs done on their 10-year-old computers, but they’re bound to get stuff done much quicker of they have access to the latest technology. You ought to be thinking about your customer service as well. Employees need to be able to access information quickly and make speedy updates when they’re dealing with your customers or clients on the phone or via email.
  • You’ll be happier at work, and that will rub off on your staff – You probably remember a time when you had to work for somebody else before you had the means to create your own business. Back then, you likely found it very frustrating when your boss was cruel or strict with you for no reason. Have you ever thought that the frustration may have been a result of being unsatisfied with their work environment? You might not even realise it because you’re always trying to save cash, but your mood would probably pick up with a new office design. If you’re happy at work, you’ll be much friendlier with your employees, and that will help them to complete their tasks with a smile on their face.

The Time is Now to Modernise Your Work Environment

If you modernise your office with a brand new layout, you will definitely see a multitude of positive results, the most noticeable being improved staff productivity and potentially higher profits. Running a business doesn’t just come down to investing in marketing and the development of your product or service, it also comes down to investing in people. Make sure your staff love their surroundings and watch as your business becomes more successful overnight.

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